Thursday, 4 May 2017

Cyber Bullying

I was saddened by the news about a 15 years old boy jumped to his death due to  cyber bully.

Internet is inevitable among our millennial children. As such, I started to google for more information on this topic and hope it can help more parents to educate their children on cyber bullying.

Cyber bullying is bullying via electronic devices (e.g. hand phone, laptop, tablet) and other communication tools such as text messages and the social media.

Examples of cyber bullying can comes in the form of rumours going viral or through emails, embarrassing pictures, websites and social networking.

Impact of cyber bullying

1. No time limit
There isn't any time limit in cyber bullying. It can occurred 24 hours, 7 times a week. It's difficult to monitor and track the bullying.

2. Posts travel fast

Once the harassing post is sent and shared out, the inappropriate post is difficult to delete and retrieved.

3. Anonymous sender

Messages, text, emails and other form of electronic tools can be sent with anonymous sender that makes tracking of sender become extremely difficult and prolong the existence of the inappropriate post to linger longer.

Symptoms or sign of being a victim

1. Changes in daily habits such as loss of appetite, feeling fatigue or sick or mood swing.

2. Quick tempered 

3. Decline in studies

4. Reluctant to go school if cyber bullies are from the school.

5. Harming themselves and thought of suicide. 

Parental role

1. Be educated on the danger of cyber bullying

2. Be alert on the changes  of the child being emotionally or physically.

3. Be supportive during the difficult time and ready to lend a listening ear.

4. Be open to get externally help and escalate case to law enforcers instantly.

Last but not least, prevention is the best cure. Be connected as a family and spent quality together to avoid children spending too much time on the net. Let's curb cyber bullying for the safety of the society and our children!



  1. Bullying can lead to horrible consequences such as you have mentioned. We need to stop this from happening.

    1. Today we are dependent on the Net and it's our responsibility to educate them the danger of cyber bullying.

  2. Wonderful post! This is happening more often and at younger ages too. If only there were a way to stop it and I have to say a lot of it has to do with parenting. As a parent, I check in on my kids all the time when it comes to social media. I don't care if they feel like I'm invading their privacy, it needs to be done by more parents.

    1. I'm glad you have taken a precaution in guiding your kids.