Friday, 5 May 2017

A day in Little Kingdom


While searching for a place to spend the days with the girls, I came across Little Kingdom facebook. According to Little Kingdom Asia, Little Kingdom was built on a 40,000 sq ft area in Parkson Maju Junction, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Through the pictures it does entice the girls and I, and instantly we buy tickets. We reached about 10am and the girls were excited to start the programmes after tagging. The staff there were very helpful in showing us the schedule and help us to plan our day.

The first itinerery of the day was to build their own Lego. Their first attempt was to build their name when Zandra got panicked, since she has a longer name than Jie Jie. 

 Next, getting their driving license. Both the girls hang on close to Mummy to accelerate while they concentrate on the sterring. 

 Not surprise that the girls loved the maze game and need no invitation for 2nd attempt.

 The girls resting in the restroom

It's common that the girls got attached to artificial sand playpen. The play land also 'house' the slides and mini ball pool. This girls spent most of the day here. Good for them, at least they could exercise a bit.

Last, the girls signed up themselves for the K pop dance class and got to learn 'Gangnam Style'. The girls really have fun and have stopped to complain about tiredness.
They girl were exhausted and hungry after all the activities. It's time for their favourite food - chicken rice. A great day filled with fun and learning.


  1. Oh my... this looks like good fun... what a beautiful family and the food looks amazing!

    1. Thanks, the girls really have fun there..