Friday, 24 March 2017

Pre-exam stress

Exams is in 2 weeks time. Parents out there do you have the same pre-exams experience and stress? These are the usual statements I've got from my 9 years old kid while doing revision!

1) "Mom, teacher haven't teach me yet"
It's either the kid forgets or really the teacher have not touch the topic, it's still a bombshell for me! It's time for intensive training!

2) On the wrong answer: "I know the answer"
Usually, the kid will know the answer once we marked it wrong. 

3)  "I forgot to read instructions"
This is a continuous answer from point no (2) and it happens all the time.

4) "I've done it before"
What the kid means is that she has attempted the question before but now forgotten the answer. A pressure rising answer!

5) " I can't think now"
Together with a sad face, she's asking for her break time and she needs her 1 hour of TV time.

6) In Maths, "I know the answer but not the formula"
Good news, at least she got the answer right....!

7) Opps!
The most common and scariest answer from the kid. This means a Careless mistake again.

Anyhow, after the kid exam, I'll treat myself to a good spa.

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