Sunday, 26 March 2017

Being an emphatic parent

The definition of empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. As communication becomes more digitized, interaction between parents and children has diminished. There are time that children complained that parents don't listen to them and vice versa.

The ability to empathize begins with good listening.
Good listening skill is never a rocket science. All we need is some effort, pro-activeness and most of all patience. Below are some of the pointers:

'Listen and not hear'
This sounds familiar? It always happened when we're bogged down with busy schedules, rushing for a meeting or exhausted from a day work. We were acknowledging their conversation did not understand the message behind.

Do not jump to conclusion.
When we are listening, let,s not judge. Ask the child's for opinion, and we'll be surprised that the child may have a solution but would seek our agreement.

Be attentive
While listening, pay attention to the child's body language. Is the child comfortable discussing the topic with you? Is he/she hiding something?

Add viewpoints
After knowing the child 's opinion, try to provide positive view point if necessary or being asked.

Empathy is essential in parent and child relationship. It helps parent connect better with the child thus minimise misunderstandings. 

At times, coming back from work exhausted, juggling with deadlines or rushing to work affect us being empathy towards the children. Since then, I try to work around my schedule to make some time for the children. For instance, I try to complete my work while thr children are at school or the least have dinner with them.

So, let's make time, listen and empathize.

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