Tuesday, 19 February 2019

My birthday celebration

This year my birthday falls on the last day of CNY and chinese valentine’s day. It’s pretty special for us.

Early in the morning, mom gave me a Starbucks treat and got a velvet cake from them.
Morning breakfast with mom

Later, hubby bought us dinner at Ishin Japenese Restaurant and the waiter came with my cake and a guitar singing host. Really special in a Japenese environment.
Guitar playing waiter as my background

Family potrait

All in all, an enjoyable evening. Now getting ready to read my book, a present bought my ME as my birthday present.

Monday, 17 December 2018

Pre-Christmas Party by Zoe

14th December 2018- This year has been exciting year for me, going through a 'roller coaster' in school. Luckily, I have my BFF (you know who you are) supporting throughout.  It's a honor that my best friend Tyra,  invited  me and my family to her pre - Christmas party. To add on a Christmas spirit, we decided to buy a Yule Log cake to put a Christmas touch. However, we have forgotten to inform the host that they could make a wish before cutting the cake.

Log cake for Tyra's Christmas

We did what BFF did - for instance exchanging gifts, playing our usual board games and most important welfie. Like BFF's we have our very owned pillow fight!! Poor Tyra's lovely room.


Later, we played hide and seek. We took longer than I thought because the house was very big. Then , we read books. Tyra's bookshelf was really big.I did not even have such a big bookshelf. We were all shocked just of the bookshelf!

After that, we watched a small show performed by our little sibling. They performed some drama, which I'm still struggling to guess what they are performing.We also sang some songs at the karaoke. We heard Tyra's sister( Kayla ) sang a song. It was very nice.

Singing in the karaoke room

Us , relaxing in the karaoke room

Time flies. It was dinner time. The dinner was very yummy with the iced lemon tea. Then, we played a game called 'colour colour'. One person  had to say a colour and the others had touch that colour . If not, the person who said the colour will catch the runners. It was so fun!!!!!!!! We watched TV too! Meanwhile my sister and her little friends conquered the karaoke room.

my friends and I 

Zandra and her friends

After that, we did the gift exchange. I got Kayla's gift. I opened it and saw a bag inside it. My friends also had wonderful presents too! Then, we played balloon fight. It was very exciting. Later, we ate some cake. My friends and I felt full so we just sat at the carpet and drank iced lemon tea. We looked like we were having a picnic.


BFF and I wi our gift exchange

At the end, we had ice cream but I did not took any because we must go home and it was pretty  late, but at least I got a present from one of my BFF. It was a key chain from Rui Qi. I loved it so much. Thank you , Rui Qi! I feel so lucky to have such good BFF by my side . MERRY CHRISTMAS , everyone!!

Christmas feel in Tyra’s house


Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Family Trip to Lake Toba 2018 - Day 4

continue from Day 3

Day 4 - Returning Home

Very fast, it was the end of the trip. We were glad that our last hotel was the most comfortable and well equipped hotel. The last day was a free and easy day therefore we will spend the day exploring the hotel before heading to the airport.

Therefore, the last morning in Medan, we woke up at about 8am and slowly went down to the restaurant and we really enjoyed having our time selecting our food.
Hubby's breakfast selection

Hubby's supper
Bar cum cafe area

Main Lobby

Mouth watering dessert
Antique car displayed at the back door
The girls loved being pampered by Popo
Our last place of attraction was a Taoist centre with calm serenity with the sound of water and mediator chanting prayer.
Being part of the calm serenity
Zandra and her baby rabbits
Zoe and her little mousy
From the trip, the girls has learnt that there used to be a few magnificent volcano underneath Lake Toba. 

Christmas fee in the air
It was a great trip with lots of nature!

Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Family Trip to Lake Toba 2018 - Day 3

continue from Day 3

Day 3 Returning to Medan

Early in the morning, the girls came in and woke us up. They had just explored the hotel with Popo and thier cousin. They even can described how interesting the swimming slide can be (hint hint).
Hotel view

Exploring the hotel
Our breakfast

The fruit market was just about 10 minutes drive and the girls enjoyed the companion of blooming flowers but not so much on the fruit market, which Daddy and Mummy were busy selecting fruits and at the end we settled for mangoes.
Jie Jie with flowers
Today itinerary were more relax. A visit to the Buddha temple and the last Sultan residence and then off to lunch. After lunch at the city, we were to choose to shop or a relaxing massage. Definitely a good massage. The 2 hours massage was so good and the good news, our restaurant for dinner is just opposite our spa house.

Hot and yummy lunch

Buddha Temple in Medan

The past Sultan residence

Our dinner
Yes third and the last hotel for the trip. We were to used to hotel changing that we forgotten to check out the name of the hotel. Smacked in the middle of the busy city, it was dangerous affair to carry our luggage in.
My Mei Mei loved her bed

Doing big business
Relaxing on lazy chair
The hotel was good to provide knife and plate for our mango feast. The mangoes were sweet and has a smooth texture. Just enough for us.

Monday, 5 November 2018

Family Trip to Lake Toba 2018 - Day 2

continue from Day 1

Day 2 - Samosir Island
Woke up at 6.30am. It was a struggled to get out of the comfy soft bed. As usual, Mei Mei woke us up ( a norm during holidays). 

By 7am, we were seated nicely for a warm fusion breakfast of fried mee hoon, soto mee (glad Jie Jie had finished a plate of it), nasi lemak , bacons and sausages.
Our breakfast area- facing the green mountains
We arrived at the jetty 15 mins later, trying to board the ferry before 3 buses of tourist from other company arrived.

Group picture on the ferry to ancient Batak ruins
Jie Jie was most fascinated to be sailing across the lake in the ferry, sitting quietly on the deck stairs enjoying the scenery of a cloudy sky, green top mountains and the calmness of the lake.
Love the sea a lot!

Picture with my first born

The 3 of us!

Mei Mei in the other hand was full of questions due to her curiosity and walked around the ferry from front to back and curious when we reached the ruins of the ancient Batak village together with stone chairs and head chopping block which is nearby the village of Ambarita. 

Jie Jie was a bit startled when tour guide, Peng ‘demostrate’ how the stone chairs were used for meetings by the local king as well as torture stone and chopping block were used for brutal executions. 

Next stop- the village of Tomok, where the ancient tombs situated. It was a site and the girls were quite alarmed to see graveyard next to the houses!!!  So, we did not stay long at the village.
Listening on the explanation in Tomok
At noon, we took ferry back to Parapat for lunch. All of us we starting to get ‘dizzy’ especially me and Mei Mei. As soon as we finished lunch, our journey start to Brastagi.

At the highland, we stopped at Simarjarunjung Hills for some ginger tea and banana fritters. Both hubby and my bro went down to taste the hot and thick ginger tea. A great combination to keep the body warm.
View from Simarjarrunjung Hills

Tired girls but still insist to check out the place
Due to bad traffic condition, we reached Brastagi just nice for dinner. The famish girls has no time to look out for volcano as they can’t wait for dinner! 
Our dinner area

Food! Food!
Our hotel, Grand Mutiara Brastagi has a big room with a balcony facing the entrance. The girls were lying on the bed lazying before falling to deep sleep.
Our room - 2nd hotel

Yes! another big and comfortable beds

From the balcony

Sunday, 4 November 2018

Family Trip to Lake Toba 2018 - Day 1

After Bandung trip in June, we are returning to Indonesia in November again. This time we were visiting Lake Toba. As it’s a last minute decision, we decided to leave it to the tour company to plan our travel.

We met with our tour guide Sasa who was friendly lady and a contributor to some of the family photos here. Here we go, our vacation in Lake Toba starts here:

Since this was an early flight, we reached Medan about 10 am. Still plenty of time to enjoy.

Day 1 - Medan / Parapat
We reached Medan at 9am (Malaysia time 8am) and the weather was sunny. It was about 25 degree Celsius. Our tour guide brought straight Patten, a famous food maker of Ting Ting, Teng Teng and lots more. My favourite is the peanut candy wrapped in thick caramel with sprinkle of  roasted sesame.
In the bus heading to buy peanut cookies
Next stop LUNCH!!! Glad the food suit Jie Jie who is a picky eater. She managed to finish a whole bowl of rice with pandan chicken.
Awaiting for our lunch
We had a brief visit at the Guan Yin Temple before we ride on a 4 hours bumpy ride to Parapat. Lucky I was fine but tomorrow is disastrous when I need to satisfy Mei Mei demand, when she sits with me.
Kuan Yin Temple - A walk after lunch
Back to Parapat, a small inland town at the edge of Lake Toba. It is the primary ferry transit point to Samosir Island. If you are looking for thrilling adventure, this is not the place but a place to calm your mind and spend sometime at the nature with the children. It took me sometime to keep all the gadgets and let the girl quietly enjoyed the surrounding.
Family portrait in front of the ex president's residence

The girls with Popo
Parapat looks more like a transport hub rather than tourist attraction as there weren’t lots of shopping. However,  looking out towards Samosir Island is breathtaking.
The scene of Samosir Island
Later we checked in the hotel and the girls enjoyed stretching their legs at the playground, and joined Daddy and Ah Bu for a game of pool, while waiting for coffee tasting session, complimentary from the hotel.
Love the old style swing
Not always see a merry-go-round
Bonding with Daddy

Dinner was  served at 7pm. By that time we were tired. After a quick dinner, we went back to our room and dozed off. Continue next day .......
Our room on the first night